On Lock Security partners with the most advanced, AI based, endpoint protection to keep your business assets secure.


The lack of patching systems is one of the most overlooked causes in IT security breaches. On Lock Security will take your computers to the highest level of patch compliance making your systems secure.


Not sure if that web pop-up just downloaded something malicious onto your work computer -- call us, we'll take care of it!


Ransomware Protection

Global ransomware damage increased 15x in just two years, exceeding $5 billion in 2017, up from $325 million in 2015. We deploy only the most advanced anti-virus that is proven to protect against ransomware.

Remote Assistance

Computer acting strange? Abnormal computer behavior could be an indication of malware infection. On Lock Security staff can remotely monitor, analyze and remediate malware infections getting you back on track running your business instead of worrying about PC problems.


Next Steps...

Let us take your company's IT security to the next level.